Developed by a Neurologist who spent the first part of his life inventing brainwave monitors and sleep disorder diagnostic equipment 


How and Why BodySound Technology was Developed

Tools to Awaken is the brainchild of Dan Cohen. He's a Neurologist by training, although much of his career has been spent in business. The initial business that he co-founded was CNS, Inc, a company that had its origins in neuro-diagnostic devices – brainwave monitors and sleep disorders diagnostic devices. After 12 years as a capital medical equipment designer and manufacturer he decided to move the company in the direction of over-the-counter medical products and I licensed and launched the Breathe Right nasal strip. The company became very successful, which allowed me to pursue my lifelong interest – spirituality and metaphysics.

In 1996 Dan and his partner Ellen came across some sound technology, which  helped significantly deepen Dan's state of physiologic relaxation and for Ellen created some interesting metaphysical experiences. Unfortunately, for it to have these effects, the sound had to be played at unsafe sound levels. Dan and Ellen decided to explore and improve this technology to see if they could replicate the effects at safe sound levels. They were most interested in determining how deeply relaxed they could become using the technology for stress reduction and also if this process would aid in their spiritual development.

The next 10 years were spent in endless rounds of iteration and experimentation, each time improving the results. 

They also used some very unconventional testing methods during the 15 years of development. One of their regular testers typically moved out of body during sessions. While out, he had the ability to visually perceive energy systems. Since they did sessions in groups of four he had three people’s energy systems to observe. Whenever they made changes to the technology they'd embark on a schedule of regular sessions. In the early days they met daily for over two years. During other developmental periods they met regularly (typically 5 days/week) for sessions over several months to a year or more. Over the years they developed an excellent understanding of how the technology and their intentions created changes to the human energy system and in their capabilities, in and out of session. They also used another intuitive that had the ability to perceive the energetic changes over time, without being present. She corroborated what was observed and added additional understandings.

Between 2007 and 2011 Dan, Ellen and their development team placed the technology in a retail outlet. Approximately 10,000 people tried the technology with no negative reactions. Between 2011 and 2013 they identified the key components, cost reduced the technology and redesigned the delivery platform. They also continued to work with clients to refine their methodologies for stress reduction and spiritual development.

Spiritual Transformation Tools is very pleased to represent Tools to Awaken in San Diego and offer the technology Dan and his team developed so that people interested in stress reduction or spiritual development can significantly enhance their lives.


Note: Dr. Cohen has a BS from Penn State University and MD from the Temple Medical School. His training is in Neurology at the University of Minnesota and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. While presently not practicing clinical neurology, he remains a board certified neurologist.