Harmonize your personal energy field


Every aspect of us is energy vibrating at varying rates. Simplistically, we are composed of energy vibrating slower (matter), more quickly (subtle energies) and faster (Source). The field of Energy Alignment concerns itself with the harmonization of our energetic identities, resulting in unity consciousness and becoming Source manifest in our material plane of existence.


Using music, the technology produces pleasant sound and vibrations, which induces a very deep state of relaxed drowsiness. During your session, you are instructed to fall asleep, which promotes the development of drowsiness, but the intermittent changes in the intensity of the sound and vibration from the music typically keeps you from falling into a deep sleep. As a result of the changing intensity and greater presence you become profoundly relaxed, but over time you remain aware.

How does the bodysound chaise facilitate energy alignment? 

Our observations (including observations from an out-of-body observer and a second gifted psychic observer during the past 17 years) and subjective reports indicate that the synchronized magnetic fields stimulate the human energy system. Specifically, the root chakra is stimulated creating greater feelings of safety and security, thereby reducing fear. Additionally, the spirit line is stimulated, which allows for greater expression of our spiritual self throughout the body. Individuals that can perceive the stimulation of their energy systems report that they feel greater spiritual energy activity and flow. This activity can be perceived as a pleasant sensation of subtle vibration felt throughout the body, although typically first experienced in the hands and feet.

In this relaxed and more energetically present state the person’s ego is far less engaged and they are more receptive to change. We believe that this represents an overall state of higher spiritual vibration. A higher state of vibration facilitates the release and transformation of energetic blocks.