Surrender and realize your authentic awakening


Are you a spiritual seeker on a quest for authentic spiritual awakening?

If so, you probably realize that despite your best intentions and all of your efforts you cannot willfully mandate this transition. Why?  Typically, the path requires a degree of egoic surrender that presently eludes you. Fortunately, it is easier to surrender more completely when your self-identity is less tied to your ego and there is a process that can assist you – facilitated spiritual experience leading to a shift your self-identity. This makes it easier to unconditionally surrender.

Those seeking awakening, when successful, generally experience awakening in a non-abiding fashion. After variable periods of time in an awakened state, they intermittently re-experience ego-identification, albeit they have had a tremendously valuable experience that shifts their self-identity. Unfortunately they are not sufficiently free of limiting beliefs to remain in a sustained awakened state. This occurs as they haven’t fully worked through those beliefs and blocks (see Energy Alignment  for an explanation of this process).

The spiritual progression chart has been developed in part to illustrate another step in the process that is typically bypassed in the awakening process – the soul embodied state of being. This is a transitional spiritual stage where self-identity is shared between ego and spiritual self. It is a stage where you can much more easily work through your limiting beliefs and accommodate to a shifting self-identity.  The technology and associated course work facilitates this process and this is a state of being that you can mandate.

While you are on your quest for awakening it’s nice to get a head start on the clean-up process or better still, avoid the need to do so afterwards. And during this process you will enjoy the transition each step of the way.