Spiritual Transformation Tools, a fun little tech division of Zen Healing Space, is an outgrowth of a lifelong interest in the energy healing arts. 


From studying with Barbara Brennan on the east coast during the early 1990’s, to becoming Reiki Certified in the Midwest in 2009,  Lori Gertz has utilized her therapeutic gifts on humans and animals of all ages and needs.  

In 2010, she was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to study with Meditation Healing Mstr. James Rybak which culminated in a finely tuned and very individualized Quantum Energy technique that facilitates growth and healing. In 2015, Zen Healing Space is excited to launch its new Spiritual Transformation Tools division featuring the one-of-a-kind BodySound Chaise technology.  For more information, go to 

Lori, a Homeopath, has developed her own unique method and style, some of which 
she teaches to her clients, others which have to be experienced personally to be believed. She utilizes both hands-off, and hands-on channeling, guided imagery and visualization, breathing, sound and meditation in a very unique way to help her clients relax, with the intention of enabling them to make exceptional progress throughout the process.